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The photos below came from workshops in New Jersey, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  One hour of setup time is necessary for best results. Workshops need an indoor location that's protected from the wind.  Students ages 8 to 108 are preferred.  Younger students may require the assistance of an adult.

"...their favorite part of the week was making and flying the kites.  A couple of the students were REALLY excited because they had never flown one before. - Becky Clerkin, NH Comm. Tech, NH

The workshop below was for "tiny" kites that are only two inches wide but really fly well.

 This workshop was for "bug" kites.  The kids did some fantastic artwork!

The workshop below resulted in 300 Eddy kites flown at the same time!


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To arrange a kite workshop send email to: davisong@verizon.net


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