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Which kite is right for my class?


A sled or an Eddy kite are simple kites to start with but there are many possibilities.  Using the right materials is critical.

How do I find help getting started?


Contact your local kite club and ask for assistance and a demonstration.  Usually they'd love to help!  To contact club members in your area, see: http://classroom.kitingusa.com/resources.htm#People

Many people have said that bringing in a kite expert is critical to the success of a kite workshop.


Where can I buy string, sticks and sails?


See http://www.kitebuilder.com/catalog/  They have a complete supply of kite sail materials, sticks, tubes, string, connectors and tools.  Consider buying kits.

Where can I buy kits?


Complete kits are available for multiple sources.  See: http://classroom.kitingusa.com/resources.htm#Workshops

Are books available?


Many books are available.  There's a book called Kites in the Classroom that is available for free from the AKA.  The book contains many pages of plans and other useful information for beginners and experts. Other books are available too, see: http://classroom.kitingusa.com/bib.htm  

What experiments can my students perform?


Students can perform a variety of aerodynamic experiments.  It's better to start with a kite that flies than to experiment with a kite that doesn't fly.  Changing the bridle point is simple and dramatic.  Adding or removing tails.  Measuring the angle of flight and calculating altitude.  See the science links here: http://classroom.kitingusa.com/resources.htm#Science


Are there teachers who are willing to share their classroom experiences?


Yes!  Send email to davisong@comcast.net to have your name listed here.

Here's a class where students built tetra kites: http://teachingphysics.wordpress.com/2008/06/25/building-a-tetrahedral-kite/


How can I help kids to build kites and get them to fly?


Here is a wide variety of building tips for different kites and situations: https://www.my-best-kite.com/how-to-make-kites.html 

Here are some links about how to fly different kites: http://classroom.kitingusa.com/resources.htm#Fly