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Kite Education Resource List


Lesson Plans

Kites in the Classroom - English version (in PDF)
Kites in the Classroom - Spanish Version (in PDF)
Education World - Kite Lesson
Kites as an educational tool
The names of the parts of a kite
Kites Thematic Unit, Grades 4-6
Kite Lessons, Grades K-8
How to fly a kite
Classroom lessons



Build a Kite, Workshops

Kite Workshop Handbook (print version)

Kite Workshop Handbook (eBook version)

Kite Design book
Kite workshop products
Kite plans
Kite building
20 Kids - 20 Kites - 20 Minutes (has a video of a paper kite that can be made with a drinking straw)
Kite kits
Kite kits
Kites in the Sky
Bridge Kite Shop for kits
Book for teachers with kite plans (in PDF)
Spanish Version (in PDF)
Kite Workshop DVDs
Kite-making retreats:
Fort Worden Kitemakers Retreat, Oregon Kitemakers Retreat, Junction Kitemakers Retreat, Maryland MAKR
For AKA kite plans go to AKA then click on "Table of Contents," then "Publications," then "Kite Plans."
Building Free and Recycled Kites with 12 plans
Making kites from recycled materials



How to Fly a Kite

Free book with the details of buying, setting up, flying (in PDF)
How to fly a kite
Professor Kites Flying Tips
Kite Flying 101
Kite launch and flight
Dual-line basics
Dual-line skills
Dual-line kite tricks
Quad-line kite tricks



History of Kites

Kites go to school
Kite history and photo gallery
Kite history from National Kite Month
Kite history timeline
World Kite Museum



Science and Math

Kite Physics book
Why does a kite fly?
The principles of aeronautics
Wind in the atmosphere
The forces on a kite
Lift is debated
Newton's First Law applied to kites
Kite Math
Interactive kite modeler




Names for kites around the world
The word "kite" in other languages




Artistic kites
Kite Aerial Photography
Kite Aerial Photographs



Geography and Culture

Kites from around the world
Names for kites worldwide
Best Kite Festivals Worldwide




Kite Festivals on DVD
Kite Workshop VHS Video - This 45 minute tape is available for $10 from the AKA. Call (800)252-2550. The video shows how to run
a sled kite workshop.
Activity TV kite videos
KiteLife Video Archives



More Kite Resources

AKA Rule Books, Manuals, Safety Guidelines, Pamphlets
For periodic newsletters from the AKA, go to AKA then click on "Table of Contents" then click on "Become an E-Affiliate."  These newsletters contain useful information about kiting and the AKA. They're free, you don't have to be a member and they're designed for students.
Kite safety
Styles of kites
Knots for kites
National Kite Month (Every April)
Kite stores - where to buy a kite
Curious George kite - a PDF File from PBS
Miniature Kites
Kites Go To School
Kite Links from Kennesaw State University
Kite Crew in Australia
Colorful Aircraft Kites




The American Kitefliers Association (AKA)
The Drachen Foundation




Kiting magazine (with back issues) (Where?)
Kitelife magazine (with back issues)
Kite Lines magazine (back issues)
Drachen Articles
Drachen Newsletter
Stunt Kite Quarterly



Activities for Students

Build a kite - the students are given materials and a plan
Artistic decoration - kites can be a canvas for the most beautiful artwork
Hold a kite festival - the students bring kites from home to fly at a given time
Kite parade - students walk while their kites fly. Kites can be held by their bridles or attached to poles
Kite contest for altitude - students must unspool the line quickly. The one that reaches the end of the line in the shortest time wins!
Smallest kite contest - student's kites must fly on 10' of sewing thread. Smallest wins. Kite tails are ignored.
Teams build kites - students attach multiple kites to the same line to create a kite train
Dual line lessons - students learn to fly a 2-line stunt kite
Quad line lessons - students learn to fly a 4-line stunt kite
Junkyard wars - students build a kite from only the scrap materials that are supplied by the instructor. It must fly when it's done!
Candy drop - the teachers kite is used to lift a bag of candy then drop the candy from above
Racing with the Bols - students race into the wind pulling 6' parachutes behind them
Kite games



People to Contact

For regional leaders of kite workshops, go to AKA then click on "Table of Contents" then "Regional Resources"
Kite workshop teachers
Clubs by Region
Kite Talk forum


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