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Kite Programs

Many programs are available:
  • "The Physics of Flight" - an excellent scholastic presentation (HS and College)
  • "Kite Artists and their Work" - kites made by artists are some of the most amazing artwork that flies
  • "Seven Kites and How They Fly" - Each kite uses a different principle to fly
  • "Kites in the Year 2016" - kites have changed dramatically in the past 30 years
  • "Building Kites from Recycled Materials" - Kites that are inexpensive or free!
  • "Wind and Weather" - The power that generates lift
  • "Kite Math" (for 6th Grade Math Students)
  • "Weird Kites that Fly" - A photo show of weird, unusual and interesting kites
  • "Kites in the Classroom" (for Teachers)
  • "Kites as an Educational Vehicle" (for Teachers)
  • "Tactics for Rokkaku Kite Battles" (for Fliers)
  • "How to Fly a Kite" - Step by step basics
  • "Flying Fighter Kites" (for Fliers)
  • "Designing Your Own Kites"
  • "Flying Giant Kites" (for Fliers)
  • "International Heritage of Kites"
  • "Miniature Kite Demonstrations" - A fascinating variety of miniature kites (all ages)
  • “Building High Performance Ultralight Kites using High Tech Materials” (HS and College)
  • "The Aerodynamics of Flight" - Demonstrations of gliders, airplanes, helicopters, rockets, and kites
  • "The Art, Science and History of Kite Making"


All presentations are done indoors.  Prior to each presentation I set up a display of kites providing an interesting and colorful background.  I include examples of the many different styles of kites that are flown worldwide. One hour of setup time is required for best results.  High ceilings such as those found in a gymnasium, cafeteria, or auditorium are great when they are available.  Ages 8 to 108 are preferred.  Contact me to discuss fees.

Many programs are available:
  • Classroom Kite Show - for small groups
  • Auditorium/Gymnasium Kite Show - for large groups
  • All presentations are done indoors

Kite Building Workshops:

  • Eddy kites
  • Miniature kites
  • Creative kite building challenge

Kite Flying Demonstrations:

  • Outdoor flying demonstrations: single line, dual line, quad line, or giant kites (weather permitting)
  • Indoor kite flying demonstrations - In this fascinating and unusual demonstration, kites are kept in constant motion using "induced wind," and no fans!
  • Students fly their kites (weather permitting)
  • Stunt kite flying lessons

Kite Exhibits:

  • Miniature Kites (15 panels of 3-5 kites each) $200/month
  • Fighter Kites (15 kites, all different) $100/month
  • Art Kites (Contact me for pricing)

Please contact us to arrange for a kite show for your:

  • Grade School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College
  • University
  • Library
  • Scout Group
  • Camp
  • Hospital
  • Retirement Center
  • Community Group

Send email to: davisong@verizon.net

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