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Kite Physics eBook: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075FDYWH1/



Building Free and Recycled Kites: http://davisong.wixsite.com/books



Kite Workshop Handbook

This handbook gives you the opportunity to spread the joy of building and flying kites with a quick result even if someone has never built a kite before. Your biggest reward will be the smiles on the faces of your students when they see their kite in the sky. You'll have all the resources you need to begin. This book describes how to speed preparation, how much to charge, how to advertise, and where to find the best materials and kits. Seven different kite plans are included with detailed instructions about how to build each kite. 

The book is available in two versions, as an eBook and as a paperback.


Indoor Kite Flying Handbook

My book called, “Indoor Kite Flying: A guide to the sport of flying ultra-lightweight kites indoors” is available from Amazon.com!  I hope it will encourage others to begin flying indoors for fun and sport.  Please take a look and share the link with other people who are interested in kites.  The book is available in two versions, as an eBook and as a paperback.


Miniature Kites Handbook

This book contains a guide to building miniature kites with everything you need to know to build your own kites at home that actually fly while you walk!  Tips and techniques for building many different designs and styles of miniature kites.  This book includes 20 plans for miniature kites that you can build at home and is available from Amazon.com as a paperback.


Kites in the Classroom Handbook

This book Kites in the Classroom was edited by Glenn Davison to explain how kites can be used to make learning fun. Kites can be used as an exciting vehicle to carry physics, mathematics, materials science, arts, crafts, and weather skyward! It's written for teachers and kite flyers who visit classrooms and wish to use kites as a vehicle for instruction. The book has been put online!  It's on the American Kitefliers Association (AKA) web site and ready to download for free from this location: Kites in the Classroom.  Also available in Spanish since 2005: Kites in the Classroom - Spanish Version


How To Fly A Kite Handbook

The book How To Fly A Kite was also edited by Glenn Davison and is now available from the American Kitefliers Association (AKA) web site. This book covers the basics of buying, setting up, flying and taking down a kite. This book is ready to download for free from: How To Fly A Kite


"When you're flying a kite you're out standing in your field."


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