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Kite Bibliography

Building Kites – Flying High With Math.  Belsky, Nancy Ann.  
Kites: Flying Skills and Techniques from Basic Toys to Sport Kites.  Cobb, Rosanne.  
Kites Thematic Unit.  Davis, Carole and Davis, Andrea and Sampson, Brenda M.A.  
Building Free and Recycled Kites. Davison, Glenn. Available in paperback. *
Kite Workshop Handbook. Davison, Glenn. Available in paperback. *
Miniature Kites. Davison, Glenn. Available in paperback. *
Indoor Kite Flying.  Davison, Glenn.  Available on Kindle or paperback.  
Kite Design. Davison, Glenn Available in paperback and eBook  
Kite Physics. Davison, Glenn. Available in paperback. *

Kites Magic Wishes That Fly Up To The Sky. Demi. Crown, New York 1999, 0517800497

Beautifully designed children’s book showing the meaning of the shapes of Chinese kites.


The Magnificent Book of Kites. Eden, Maxwell. Sterling, NY 2002, 0806949902

somewhat modern building techniques, flying, safety, computer design.

The Kite Making Handbook.  Guerra, Rossella., et al (Barnes and Noble)  

The Fighter Kite Book.  Gomberg, David. Cascade Kites. 1992

Learn the techniques of fighting kite traditions from around the world.


The Stunt Kite Book. Gomberg, David. Cascade Kites 1996, 188449602-4

Covers how to fly dual line kites from gauging wind speed to team competition.


Kites for Everyone and More Kites for Everyone.  Greger, Margaret.

Best books about teaching kites in a group setting.


Kites An Historical Survey.  Hart, Clive. Praeger, NY 1967

The only truly comprehensive history up to the mid 1960’s.  Is not perfect in other ways but the best we have.

The Legend of the Kite: A Story of China.  Hong, Jiang.  

KITES. Hosking, Wayne. Mallard press NY 1992, 07924-5826-5

Big, showy, picture filled, book with some history, culture and modern stunt kites.

Flights of Imagination: An Introduction to Aerodynamics.  Hosking, Wayne.  
Kites – The Science and the Wonder, Ito, Dr. Toshio and Komura, Hirotsugu.  
Kite Flying.  Lin, Grace.  
Kite-Folds – Aerodynamic Paper Inventions.  Matthews, Beth.  

The Ultimate Kite Book. Morgan, Paul and Helene. Dorling Kindersley 1992, 0671-744437

Types of kites, flying techniques, kite patterns, and building instruction.


The Penguin Book of Kites.  Pelham, David.  New York, 1987, 780140041170

Great overall kite building manual, plans with bridling, history.


The Great Kite Book. Schmidt, Norman Sterling. NY 1997, 1-895569-36-2

Easy kite building of modern materials with patterns.

Best Ever Paper Kites. Schmidt, Norman Sterling.  

A Kite Journey through India. Streeter, Tal. Weatherhill, NY 1996, 08348 0310-1

Explains complex fighter kites and the people who fly them.


The Art of the Japanese Kite.  Streeter, Tal. Weatherhill, NY 1985, 08348-0157-4

Gives a good understanding of the Japanese philosophy of kite building.

The Emperor and the Kite. Young, Ed.  



Free Kite Guides


Kites in the ClassroomDavison, Glenn.  AKA, 2002.

Free guide for teachers from the American Kitefliers Association


How to Fly a KiteDavison, Glenn.  AKA, 2005.

Free guide for everyone from the American Kitefliers Association


Flights of ImaginationHosking, Wayne. c.1987 by the NSTA.

Free guide for everyone from the National Science Teachers Association


Note: Books are listed alphabetically by author.

Note: The star (*) indicates this book is recommended.


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